Brown Shrimp
(Farfantepenaeus aztecus)

Length - Maximum of approx. 6 – 7 inches.
Weight - Maximum of approx. 1 – 2 oz.

Brown shrimp are found in along the Atlantic Coast from Massachusetts to Florida, and throughout the Gulf of Mexico.

These shrimp tend to live in shallower water ranging from 50 to 300 feet. When these shrimp mature they move offshore to deeper waters with higher salinity.

While shrimp larvae feed on plankton, juveniles and adult shrimp prey opportunistically upon worms and organic debris.

Life History:
White shrimp grow quickly and only live for about one and a half years. Brown shrimp mature at a size of 5 to 6 inches. Although the exact spawning time for this species is unknown, juvenile shrimp begin showing up in estuaries during early spring.

Importance to Fisheries and Aquaculture:
Brown shrimp are a key asset to Gulf Coast economies. Over 97% of the annual harvest, valued at over 150 million dollars comes from the Gulf of Mexico. While the continued harvest of brown shrimp in US waters supports coastal economies throughout the Gulf Coast, low-priced foreign farm raised shrimp pose a threat to the continued economic stability of this region.

Fun Fact:
The increased use of Turtle Excluder Devices (TED’s) in the Gulf of Mexico has greatly reduced the number of sea turtle deaths related to the shrimping industry.