Our Team


Michael D. Chambers

University of Wisconsin, B.S. Aquatic Biology, 1985
Master Captains License, 100 ton, Miami, Fl. 1990
Texas A&M University, M.S. Mariculture, 1994
University of New Hampshire, Ph.D. Biological Sciences, in progress

Mr. Chambers has 23 years' experience managing and developing open ocean aquaculture and marine biological research in the US and abroad. Projects have focused on environmental responsible farming technologies for temperate and tropical marine shellfish and finfish species in the Atlantic, Pacific and Gulf of Mexico.

Selected Publications:
1. Rillahan, C., M. D. Chambers, W. H. Howell, W. H. Watson III. 2011. The Behavior of Cod (Gadus Morhua) in an Offshore Aquaculture Net Pen. Aquaculture. Volume 310, Issues 3-4. Pp. 361-368.

2. Chambers, M.D., J. DeCew, B. Celikkol, M. Yigit and M.C. Cremer. 2011. Small-Scale, Submersible Fish Cages Suitable for Developing Economies. Global Aquaculture advocate, Vol. 14, Issue 1. Pp. 30-32.

3. Rillahan, C., M.D. Chambers, W.H. Watson and W. H. Howell. 2009. "A self-contained system for observing and quantifying the behavior of Atlantic cod, Gadus morhua, in an offshore aquaculture cage," J. Aquaculture. (http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.aquaculture.2009.04.003)

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