Our Team


Dr. James P. McVey

Dr. Jim McVey has had a life long interest in marine biology. Growing up in South Florida he was diving at the age of 14 and was an avid fisherman. He received his BS degree from the University of Miami in 1965 and his Ph.D from the University of Hawaii in 1970 where his dissertation was on the marine ecology of the Pokai Bay Artificial Reef. His first job was as the Fishery Biologist for the Trust Territory of the Pacific where he planned, designed and had built the Micronesian Mariculture Demonstration Center in Palau, Western Caroline Islands. He began research on the hatchery production of giant clams and worked on hatchery technology for marine fish in the tropical Pacific. After seven years serving as the Director of that laboratory he became the Director of Aquaculture Division at the National Marine Fisheries Service at the Galveston, Laboratory. He was involved with developing the technology for the captive maturation of marine shrimp and was the primary scientist for the Kemp's Ridley Turtle Headstart Program.

In 1982 he left to work with Agency for International Development in Indonesia. He was responsible for improving the production of Malaysian Prawns at three different hatcheries and he designed another hatchery that was very successful in improving the production levels of that species.

In 1984 he came back to the US to become the Program Director for Aquaculture for the National Sea Grant College program. He served in this capacity for the next 22 years until his retirement in 2006. While in this position he was responsible for running national competitions for marine aquaculture, oyster disease and Gulf Coast oyster issues. He served as state monitor for over 15 different states and served on the executive committee of the Joint Subcommittee on Aquaculture. He also served as US Chair of the International technical exchanges with Japan, China and Korea for over a decade. He has received the Bronze and Silver Awards from the Department of Commerce. He has published five major books on the subject of aquaculture and nearly fifty journal and book chapters on the same subject. He was instrumental in drafting the Department of Commerce Aquaculture Policy that was signed by the Secretary of Commerce in 1999 and he worked on the initial draft of the Offshore Aquaculture legislation that is now before Congress.

He is presently self employed and working as a consultant in marine aquaculture and ecology and he is Vice President of Research and Operations for Indigo Seafood, a seafood production company dedicated to certified, quality, products and ecosystem health. He continues to work with NOAA on special assignments to Indonesia and Korea. He is also Director of Research and Education/Government Relations for The Gulf Coast Marine Life Center.